What hours can I stop by?

    Sorry, order pickup is by appointment only.  We are a warehouse not a retail store.

Are these parts new or used?

    All parts are new unless otherwise stated.

Where were these parts made?

    These are mostly New Old Stock, made by the Minneapolis-Moline Engine Company.  We believe to the best of our knowledge that they are all USA made. New parts we have had made are made in the USA.  If we ever are forced to buy overseas, the part will be marked as an Import.

How do I know these parts will fit my tractor?

    We have the original prints from Minneapolis-Moline, along with original process sheets and production notes. The parts we supply are mostly new old stock from the Minneapolis-Moline engine division. Any part made in the future will conform to equal, or exceed, original specifications.

Are these the only parts you will carry?

    No, we will be adding parts as fast as reasonably we can.  Contact us at sales@molineparts.com for parts you don't see listed.

Why was MolineParts forced to change web providers?

    MolineParts had been using the services of IPower since it began.  IPower was a good provider but was purchased by Endurance International Group in May of 2007.  Since then things have gone greatly down hill, accelerating all the way.  The operations have in part been shipped to Software Technology Parks of India,  Electronics City, Bangalore India.  Yes, it appears to be yet another case of MBA's shipping jobs overseas for short term gains.  Notice, a politician is the CEO of Endurance International and had no issues with sending American jobs overseas, as long as it lined his pockets.

We at MolineParts would like to take this opportunity to point out we are not owned or operated by MBAs.  We go to great ends to keep our manufacturing in the USA as much for the sake of our fellow Americans as for quality of the final product. 

Do you offer dealer pricing?

Yes, we offer dealer pricing.  Dealer pricing is extended to stocking tractor parts business or for profit repair tractor repair businesses.  A letter with business or tax ID is required.

Do you offer bulk or quantity pricing?

Yes, discounts are available on a per item basis.  For large orders, extra discount may be given for sufficient preorders.